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Wishing For the Moon....part 1

Yes, it's true. Not wishing on a star, mind you...but wishing on the moon. I have a story with that title...."A Wish on the Moon". It's quite long, but very interesting. I may decide to post it. Btw, if anyone read my comments, go to Alex's journal and read his pokemon story. It's very sad, mind you, so be prepared.
It's pretty clear out, but no moon showing. I want the moon out so badly. Don't ask me why, but I just feel very calmed by the moon. This is one reason why the Autumn card in my CardCaptors story is a moon-powered one, like Yue...*sigh* he's so cool...*smacks self* I'm becoming a typical anime lover...a girl who adores anime guys. I need to get a grip on reality...but Julian is so cute!! ^_^;
Well, my friend Jessie has a soccer game after school tomorrow, and I'm going to watch it. Fifth St. against Garland St... both are schools I went to. Oh, boy, this should be interesting...
I think this would be a good time to tell you something about my friends, because I will be mentioning them more in future entries.

Jessie: Jessie is our one of the strongest in our group, and she is an avid soccer player, being on the school team. She is known also as Lita, Taurus, and a few other names that I don't know. Jessie was born on 04-26 and is currently 13 years old....she looks older 'cause she's the tallest of all of us.
Stephenie: Steph is.....Steph. She has short blonde hair and is a field-hockey player. Her games and stuff are normally away games, and they are during Jessie's games, so I can't see Steph play. Steph was born 02-25 and is now 14. She doesn't have any nicknames that I know of.
Carrie: Does anyone know what happens when school pressure peaks in a 13 year old 8th grader? That's Carrie. Carrie is our Internet pics/fanfics person. She was born Sailor Neptune. We call her Maya, or some other names when we get mad or something. *shrugs* She's of the founders of our group.
Kelly: She lives in Hampden, so we don't see her much anymore, but we can talk to her on the phone and stuff. Kelly was born 06-29, and is also 13. She is the one writing the pokemon story Amarys is in. Kelly is somewhat quiet, but she has a lot to say. If she gives me permission, I might put in some of her huge unfinished story in my LJ. Her choice, though....
Mike: Mike is.....well, he is....oh, he just is. I don't really know when he was born, but I know it was after Carrie and before Jessie, 'cause he's an Aries, Carrie's a Picses, and Jessie's a Taurus (hence her character). Mike is one of our crazy ones, so beware...
Carlin: She is the quiet one of our group, but if you get on her bad side, she makes life miserable. She likes music and is very good with computers and graphics. Carlin is quite artistic and very creative. She was born 10-21 (coming up soon...get her a gift to show you care!) and will be 15. I'm a month and 9 days older than her, and she hates me for it. ^_~

That's pretty much it. I'm not sure if Carlin is still part of it or not, but this is the original group from last year, when we first met. I would be clueless about over half the stuff I now know if I hadn't met the others. I would have been lost and alone. I met Mike at the orientation thing, and he gave me his phone number there. We talked until late that night, I guess, and we still talk today, though not as much. He goes to Garland St. now, and I have warned him about the place. I went there for 3 years.
Well, I stayed home from school today 'cause I woke up late and I was feeling really blech. Plus, it was raining and windy and dark, so I wanted to stay home and sleep. I got a day off to "recoup and regroup", as I call it. I'm gonna go back tomorrow and plow through the mound of stuff I missed. *sigh* Some things never change, I guess.....
Well, I need to get to bed and get more sleep. Sleep is a very good thing...... Jessie's game is at 3:30 I think, and I need to be there by 3:25 at the latest. I won't get my nap in, but at least I'll get to hang with my friends again. Hey, maybe we can do one of those cool anime games we normally do when we get together...hmm......^_^
I need to go or I'll fall down. Niters all....sleep well and have dreams. I will try to post tomorrow morning if I can...I hope I don't sleep in again or I'll be really late. ^_~

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