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"Future's so bright I gotta wear shades.."

Entry 189. Yeah, I know, 'not another post!' Too bad, I'm posting anyway. And beware...I have a raspberry filled twinkie and I'm not afraid to use it. ^.~

It's still cold in here. Yay. ^^ *eating raspberry twinkie* These things are good. And Ori still hasn't come back.

In case you're wondering why I used that subject line, it's because I'm celebrating my report card. Yeah, it came a while back, I know, but I never talked about it here. I think I am destined to be a writer, 'cause I'm always getting high marks in spelling and grammar and stuff on tests. Reading class was a strong point of mine, too.

Speaking of reading, that's something I can do lots of. I have tons of new books to read, so I better get started. I gotta get back into the hang of writing original stuff again, like with my old characters and stuff. I now have 25 OCs, and my newest one, Myra, is from Steph's story. Want bio? Here:

Myra: My newest OC, with natural blue hair and green eyes. She is also known as the "princess of thieves" and her weapon of choice is a bow and arrows.

Of course, she has an of Ori's OCs. Seems like cross-mansion couples are ripe between us, huh?

Anyway...10 entries to go, not counting #200. And I have now 6 days to go, not counting 07-17. I'm not doing too bad, huh?

Ori logged off. The only one online now is Maria, but she's idle/away. Where is everybody? And Maria, why don't you update your LJ anymore? ;_; No offense, but I feel like I used my code for nothing.

Members of animecity and people who plan to join...we need ideas. People who joined and haven't posted yet and people who never post anymore, help us. More ideas, the better. Please? Art, fic, icons, anything. Nobody's posted anything new lately.

..and I was just smacked with something fuzzy and pink. Must be a bunny. Only one of my muses breeds pink ones, and Ori, you know who it is. So I have something to do now. At 1:23 in the morning. Sleep? What is sleep? ^^;

So, while I keep busy, somebody please IM me. I beg you. Anybody who happens to be online at this obscene hour of the morning, IM me. I'll be online for a while, so..*shrugs*

..or not, whatever you people want. Now if you all will excuse me, my muses are bored and want writing done.

Laters (yet again), all!

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