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Entry 188 -

See? Told you I'd be posting again. Might as well take a tip from the multiple posters and get a jump on reaching my goal. After all, 07-17 is in now 7 days, and I plan on having my 200th entry be then.

Also, I have my AC running on high cool in here...and it's cold, but I like it. ^^ Does this mean I'm weird? Nope. It just means I like cold. I love winter, and I like snow more than rain. ^^

*watches as muses decide to make it snow inside musespace* Um...maybe we should wait on snow until, maybe, winter?

All this activity and I'm in a writer's block. Can't you guys give me something I can write? Not just acting stuff, I need something I can write a story to. No, I do not draw, or at least very well. You want art, go to Steph.

*points at mood icon* See? This is me right now. It says content. Am I content? Very. ^^ Especially with the AC making my room cold. For some strange reason, I can only sleep if my room is comfortably cold. Don't ask me why. *shrugs*

Well, if you see another entry from me in a few minutes, it's because I'm frantic and wide awake trying to catch up on missed posts. 12 more to go on my goal for 200...^^

Laters again, all!

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