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Entry 187 -

Yeah, I know. LJ b-day in 8 days, and I still have 13 entries to go. I'll try getting some done fast...more than one entry a day or something, I dunno. If I keep sleeping in until 2 in the afternoon, that isn't gonna work, so..I need to work on things.

Reason I didn't post last night was because I was trailing through Rose's LJ, and I just got up to recent stuff tonight. Yeah, of Tenshi's buddies. She has some great art and stuff in her LJ, and I have the LJ saved now. So, yay for me and yay for the people who see it. ^^

Sibu? You have AIM, right? If you do, drop me an IM. I'm online well into the night, so if you wanna chat, my sn is in my userinfo. ^^

I think our group is falling apart. I mean, person leaves for something, fine. But when 2 leave for the same amount of time and different reasons, then that's a little weird. First, it was Carrie and Steph gone to visit people, Carrie = gps and Steph = dad. Later, it's Jessie going to a reunion and Steph at camp. Is it just me?

I know, I'm just doing random chatter. It's late, go figure. That and Ori ran off again. Her muses really like to run off with her, I whenever she takes off like that, I usually just reply to the idle message with (.........) and that seems to work. I just find something to do in the meantime.

Alright, let's see...8 days, 13 entries...if I can do 3 entries a day..4 days to do 12 entries, leaving that last one. Hm...sounds crazy, but it might work.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: I'll be posting again in a bit...*shrugs* might as well get started on catching up, huh? ^.~
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