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Entry 185 -

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple days, but I had a really cool 4th. I did go to Carrie's, and it was kinda stormy so we thought that they wouldn't do fireworks. We were wrong. After watching smoke coming from somewhere acrossd the river (something caught on fire over in Brewer, we could see it from our side of the waterfront), and meeting up with Sarah M. from school, we saw the fireworks. Carrie had never seen the fireworks here, so she was happy.

And we kept switching who we were. We picked different characters to be during the whole thing. ^^ Idle amusement, you know?

When we went to bed, we did something really unexpected by me. We did a little WK game in bed, and we didn't get to sleep until about 4-something the next morning. I woke up in pain, finding I had cramps, but thanks for medicine and ginger ale, I soon felt better...and we kinda added it to the game.

After waking up fully and getting dressed, we soon walked up to Jessie's. Carrie finally got to see Endless Waltz, and we were making jokes during it.

So now, Jessie's gone to some reunion thing for a week, and we're waiting for her to get back. Plus, our RP is on hold.

Well, that was to catch up. I guess I'm done now, and with this: wouldn't it be funny if my LJ's first b-day is entry 200? Double celebration. ^^ Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your wishes come true. Laters, all!

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