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Entry 184: 3rd of July

Guess what my plans are for the 4th? Carrie invited me to spend the night at her house, and if the weather's nice, we can watch the fireworks there. My family plans on a BBQ before I leave for the night, and maybe Jessie can come down to visit or we can go visit her. After all, I have a gift for her.

I added a new friend (hi, Sibu! love your comments on my LJ! ^^) and left my first post in the virgo community. And speaking of communities, for those 5 or so who haven't left any posts in animecity, make yourselves known! Tell us why you joined us, or make suggestions. Please?

So, yeah..Carrie and I got in a discussion earlier today. The subject happened to be Tenshi no Korin and her amazing writing. Carrie let me borrow the "Fair Game" fic with all 4 sequels, and I loved it. In fact, I haven't found a Tenshific yet that I haven't liked. ^^ I've read her LJ over about a million times, and it never gets boring. Tenshi-worship, anyone? (Carrie would love this entry, huh? ^^)

Drew is now putting the AC in my window while I finish up this entry, and I will probably camp out in front of that thing tonight 'cause it was, like, 100-something degrees in the upstairs alone today. *sighs in relief*

Anyway, it's in, and I guess this is done. So, niters all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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