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A Rainy Night Leading to A Rainy Lazy Morning Once Again

Well, yes it is raining again. I want it to be nice. I actually want it to snow and be winter. I should call out the Snow card. Hopefully, it wouldn't go bonkers.
Tonight, I will give you another bio on one of my characters. You heard about Virgo last time, so I will give you another one tonight. Let's see.......I will tell you what I know of my character Amarys, from my friend Kelly's story. Note: I have not yet been able to ask Kelly to be Madison for me, but I will do it soon. Here goes:

Amarys is a 16 year old girl from Lilac Circle. She is now currently one rank below the ultimate pokemon master, who is never seen by anyone. Amarys has become very popular among many young trainers, especially her friend, Kristen. She has now taken a liking to Ash and his friends, and she is idolized by all of them.
Amarys has acquired her pokemon different ways. She does end up with Gary's Arcanine, and Jessie's Wobbuffet, who she adores the most and let's it follow her much like PIkachu follows Ash. She has kept Kristen on her path, and stays by her side to help her along.

Anyone like? I don't know much about her because Kelly came up with her. I came up with the name and some of the ones I get. I wanted a Wobbuffet so much, and I actually get one, so I'm happy. I always enjoyed guessing when it would pop out with it's little
Well, if anyone wants to see the 3 ideas Carlin and I have found for my Sakura costume, IM me and I'll send them to you, as long as you can do send/receive file in IM. So, if you need my sn, look in my profile or look in my last entry. Tomorrow is probably gonna be just another rainy lazy morning, and I'll want to stay in bed for the rest of the day, sleeping. *sigh* I wish.
I got my homework done, and I'm doing pretty good in my classes, so I guess things are good. I have a Civics test tomorrow, a poetry quiz in English, and I guess that's it.
Oh, by the way, I got to look at the brand new library today during my period 10 study hall. I got 3 awesome pics with my digital camera (boy, do I feel like Kari) and I also got some pics of my teachers and stuff. My Civics teacher even got a picture of me at my desk! *laughs* ^_^
I need to get to bed or I'm gonna fall down. I will try to post in the morning....well, later in the morning, anyway. I will bring my camera again tomorrow if I remember. *sigh* sleep well, all...have dreams. ^_~ Laters...

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