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A Rainy Lazy Morning Indeed.....

Yes, I know that it's a title of a song, but it fits today. Today was really a rainy lazy morning....for me, at least. I am so tired and I just had to write a sonnet for my English class. *sigh* Poetry is not my strong point, really. We have a poetry quiz, our last one, the next day.
Well, in algebra, I got an 80 on my notebook quiz...I missed one lousy question... and I don't know yet what I got on the real quiz. The homework for tonight was about 7 problems in the book, and I got that done in my study hall.
I should tell you about how my day is set up, so you know what classes I have and when. Here goes:

mods 1-2: Health....*sigh* boring, but useful, not much homework.
mods 3-4: Algebra.... hw almost every night, notes every day.
mods 5-6: Civics... moderate hw, in class activities, good room.
mods 7-8: English... nice teacher, moderate hw, activities high.
mods 9-10:Lunch/SH... not much to say, self-explainitory.
mods 11-12: Science...funny teacher, moderate to high hw + act.
mods 13-14: FOCUS SH... with my Eng. teacher, quiet, very useful.
mods 15-16: Reading 195... my fave class, no hw, in-class work.

School ends at 2. I love my reading class 'cause it's fun and we do cool stuff. I love being in classes that have windows looking over towards the woods. That's what I get for being an earth sign, I guess. *shrugs*
Carlin has come up with an idea for what I can wear as Sakura. It's a little bit of work, and I don't know if Carlin and I can do it. I'm thinking of making a little cardboard camcorder for Kelly and inviting her to join me as Madison. This should be really interesting...
I'm having Carlin come here tomorrow so we can glance through my wardrobe for plans. I'm gonna go down to her place after and see what ideas I can conjure up for her. She needs someone to be.
I'm bringing my digital camera to school tomorrow and getting some pictures for my computer scrapbook. Anybody remember Kari in season 2, with her camera? I have one similar to hers, and mine is also a silver-gray color. Of course, I can't wear mine like she can, as a necklace, but still, I want to bring it.
Well, I should get to bed. I will try to post another profile in the next entry if I can. By the way, I should post that link to where Carlin found that picture. Hang on...... .html

Hopefully, that will work. If it doesn't, then come find me...IM me and I'll give it to you. My AIM screen-name is SWV186.
I need to get to bed now, or I'll fall over. Sleep well, all.....have dreams. Niters... ^_~

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