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Yes, look at me, I'm updating. Today was our last day of full classes, and finals start tomorrow. Then, on Friday...

School's out for the summer! ^^

We still need new people in animecity...anybody wanna join us? If anybody has any ideas, post them in a comment or something.

Steph came over here Sunday...we talked, and then went down to Mary Snow to play. I miss that school so much. On our way back, we were passing a corner store when Steph was like, "oh, look, I have $20 in my pocket, let's get sodas", so we went in and got sodas. After we left there, she was like, "oh, we could've gotten food there, look, there's McDonalds, let's go get something", so I was dragged up there. She got something there, and we headed back out towards home. It started raining on Hillside Ave, lightning and all. When we did get home, we were both pretty soaked.

Did I mention I am not water-elemental? Just curious.

Steph agreed to doing the play I found, and we're gonna perform it or something this summer. Rehearsals, taping/recording it, I'll do costumes/props, it'll be awesome. Besides, I can picture Steph with a tail..^.~

Expect posts from me up to the end of this week, reporting from finals. Now if mom'll let me walk...

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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