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Right now, 4 of my OCs from 4 different subjects are thinking of starting an assassin group of their own. I have to ask: why?

Virgo: 'Cause girls can do anything boys can?

Sapphire: 'Cause you 3 are weirdos?

Aela: 'Cause we can fight better?

Ragdoll: 'Cause we're smarter and more clever?

Geez. This could be interesting. *rolls eyes*

Update on animecity: Mike has come up with the idea for a community website. We might get a community RP up...but not many people post, so it might be difficult...

Anybody else want to join? We could use people who actually post...aside from Carlin, Mike, Orion and myself. And to the people who joined but never posted: help? Please?

All right, in other news:

I got an 83 on my math test. Passing, yes.

Hard to believe that the school year is over in about 3 weeks. It seems like yesterday that we just started. I came in as a nervous little 14 year old...I'll come out of the first year as a confident 15 year old.

Don't ask...random insightful moment, anyone? ^^;

I'm posting this and getting away before I torture anyone else with my mind. Niters, all..sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: Jessie? Steph? Where are you guys? Are the plans for this weekend still on? Call me or something...;_;
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