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So Much to Do, So Little Time

Yes, it is late, I know, but I wanted to update before bed. I can't believe what happened earlier with Maria and her friend Caley. I went a little crazy and I wanted to use the duct tape myself. *sigh* The effects of Virgo on a sugar high. I have worked out a system, so I will give one character close-up in each entry. I have a few, so it may not take so long. I will start tonight with the one I sign the journal with. She is, right now anyway, my main character, aside from Dawn. So here:

Virgo Mouri: Virgo is Cye's 16 year old adopted cousin, and owns the armor of Fireblade. She has just recently learned of her powers, and has willfully joined the guys to help them. Her partner is Lita, Ryo's sister and owner of the Earth armor. Virgo now leads her own group, all girls, alongside the boys, but they are pulling away and going on their own. When Virgo ends up in trouble, Lita is there to take over. Maya, Crystal, and Kitty, the other 3 girls, seem to think they are getting overlooked most of the time, but they soon get down to business and help out. The group does fight with each other some of the time, but they are able to sort out their differences when they are needed.
Virgo is still adjusting to her new powers and having to lead the girls, and sometimes doubts that she can handle it. She has proved many times that she can handle herself in battle and the girls do listen to her.

You all like? Well, that's me pretty much all around. She also likes to sing, and in Carlin's story, she does that for a living. Virgo has a little band called the, that's ironic, I know, and she and I both came up with it at the same time. ^_~
I have school, yet I don't wanna go to bed yet. I don't remember if I had homework, and if I did, I don't wanna go to school and get yelled at. *sigh* What a life I have, huh? I would dare anyone to try and be me for a day. Having to deal with my looks and voice, my classes, my teachers, my life in general. Anyone care to take up that dare? *looks around* Didn't think so.
So, I must be going to bed. It is late....past 12:30 up here, in fact, 12:34 here. I will type laters, with another character close-up, and I will tell more about my (un)exciting life. Laters, all....sleep well and have dreams.

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