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More random stuff...

I know, I've been making just short entries lately instead of my usual long ones, but it's 'cause I'm running out of things to talk about.

I've had a revelation. After seeing my friends with guys/girls, I have reaized that I want somebody for myself. Somebody that'd stand up for me, who likes things that I like, who I can get along with. Anybody out there want that job, or know somebody who would? I'm almost desperate after seeing all the couples in the hallways holding hands or hugging between classes....*sniff* it's just not fair.

...By the way, have I mentioned that one of my classmates has started calling me by a really unfair name? I'll give you a hint...what's the 4-letter word starting with 's' that makes you think of Britney Spears? If you know it, that's what this guy's calling me. I hate it.

People are still throwing stuff at me for no reason. Why do they have to torture me and get away with it? I'm told to ignore it, but it's kinda hard...;_;

Ori-chan...where'd you go? Did your muses run off with you again? Are they holding you hostage? Did I chase you off or something? Please come back...

All right, my whining is over. You can all go back to your normal lives now. Niters, all..sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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