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Oh, boy......long weekend.... *sigh*

Well, this weekend is turning out just like the last one pretty much. This time, Carrie is avoiding us, and Jessie is stuck at home bored like crazy. Jessie and Carrie aren't getting along at all right now... (Hardrock and Strata in a cat fight...ooh, harsh).
Um.....I didn't go to the dance or the football game 'cause I didn't want to go to the dance and Carlin and Jeff changed their minds at the last minute. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............
Well, I might try posting one of my own stories in my LJ, so be prepared. I will give you a bio on my character soon.
Actually, now that I think about it, I have so many characters that I should tell you all about them. Here goes....

Virgo Mouri: Cye's adopted cousin, bearer of the Fireblade armor. Not much about her, really.
Guardianmon: Yes, I have a Digimon character. She is pretty powerful, as you may or may not learn.
Autumn Summers: My SM character, also known as Sailor Sapphire.
Amarys: My pokemon character, from my friend Kelly's story. She is one rank below the ultimate master *whistles* she's good.

That's all I know so far. More to come....oh, wait, one more:

Dawn: She is actually my character in Maria's Zelda story. She's cool....really spunky and funny. I like her ^_~

So, that's all I have so far. You like? Comments are greatly appreciated. ^_^
Um........that's pretty much all for now. If I can think of something else, I will post it. Something funny from a while ago that'd I'd like to tell.....
When I was making cookies (yes, I like cooking, so sue me) for a party the next day, I was picturing Kento sneaking up to grab one as I was putting them on the rack to cool. I pictured myself hitting him with my spatula and scaring the living you-know-what out of also pictured Cye taping the whole *falls out of chair laughing* *climbs back up* Well, it was kinda funny picturing Kento come charging out of the kitchen screaming. ^_~ Aren't I just such a meanie? *innocent look*
So, Jessie and Carrie are avoiding each other, Kelly has been allegedly grounded from the phone, Steph's at her dad's, Carlin's doing stuff, and nobody else is around. *sigh* I wanna go do something fun for a change. I'm listening to songs on my Media Player...some of my cds, and I'm singing along to them. YAY!! I'm so happy 'cause I have my SWV cd that my brother Scott gave me. TY!!!!
'K, I need to calm down, I know. I gotta go to bed soon or I'll fall down and go boom. *falls down* See?
Besides, I was up and then ended up napping until, like, 4 in the morning, so I just gave up and went to bed. Got up at, I think, around 8, and watched cartoons. Did pretty much nothing all day, and I'm now listening to music, singing, watching tv, typing and drinking a bottle of ginger ale....goos stuff. ^_~
I need to go, like, soon. Will try and write tomorrow if I can. MAYBE Carrie and I can get together and FINALLY do something. Hope, hope, hope....
Niters, all....sleep well and have dreams.

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