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Sleepover mania...or, how I love vacation ^^

Two sleepovers in one week. I am so getting the hang of this now, aren't I? I never used to be able to handle sleepovers and would end up going home really late at night. Now I've had three sleepovers where I haven't left until well into the next day, after the overnight really was over. I'm getting much better at them, and I'm loving it.

Jessie's place was the setting for the most recent one. Sorry I didn't post beforehand, but I'd gone to her place earlier in the day and hadn't gotten time. She decided to invite me after a long bike ride which lead us clear into downtown. We wanted to be nice, so we stopped by a small gift store and picked up a couple things for her mom.

It was so hot yesterday that we were going to change into shorts. Of course, the weather changed overnight, and a big storm system moved in. We had a big old thunderstorm earlier today, and it was loud. I had just gotten off the phone with my mom 'cause we were thinking the power was going to go off at Jessie's, but (as I found out later) it actually went off at my house just after I'd hung up. Weird, huh? O.o

Maybe I'll be able to have Jessie over on Friday. I gave her one of my shirts that I will never wear that'll fit her and she'll wear. In return, she let me pick out some stuff of hers. Old stuff. I absolutely fell in love with a really big white shirt with a kitten picture on it...and it wasn't just the kitten, it was said kitten's big blue eyes.

While on the subject of blue, nevermind. I think I've chattered on enough about the sleepover, so let's get to something else, shall we?

Carrie, I understand why you don't post frequently, 'cause you only are able to get online at your gp's. Maria-cuz, really don't have an excuse. I wanna see more posts from you. Bella...where are you? You've disappeared. ;_;

We're still trying to recruit new people in animecity, so let's have some more new members. Please?

I know you're out there, I can see you posting...*insert eerie twilight zone music here*

All right, I get the hint. I'm going now...*is swatted with pillows from restless muses* yeah, I know, write more. If you guys'd give me a break with the ideas, maybe I could. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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