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Story edits...

...that's what I'm gonna be doing with Jessie tomorrow after bike riding. She wasn't home today (surprising to both of us, really ^^;;) and we're gonna hang out tomorrow. Now they're saying 70s for tomorrow. For Wednesday...70s and isolated thunderstorms. Fun, fun. -.-;;

Jessie managed to get 2 of Kelly's old stories and we're going to frantically edit them. You see, Kelly liked to make herself the star and all of us just look pathetic. She got all the guys, and we got diddly-squat. She saved the world, we were the innocent bystanders.

Two words: "Yeah, right!" Don't be thinking so.

All right, that's over. Now for other news. Mika...why are you so sad? *many hugs* I hate it when my friends are sad, really. Amanda-cuz, same for you. Bunny, same thing. I like my friends to be happy, not sad. *hugs to all*

We still need people in animecity...catwoman left, for some reason. Komilla, are you planning on posting? We'd like to see what you have to say. Please? *hopeful look*

Now, that done, I'm going to get back to reading, maybe some writing, and then to bed. I have to be up before 10, and if nobody wakes me up, I'm not gonna be up until noon. Niters, all..sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: My muses are throwing bunnies at me again. Anybody got any spare barrels? I think I might need a few...dozen...^^;;
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