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Parties, shopping, and vacation...

Yeah, that's right. Vacation starts tomorrow at 2 for us...2:30 for Jessie and them. If we're lucky, Carlin, Jeff and I can go down to the school to visit the others and then maybe go back to Carlin's for some anime watching or something.

Still no date yet on Jessie's b-day party. As far as I know, her mom hasn't made reservations at the Hampden Pool yet.

My mom and I did a little shopping (her thing for her tires was missing, so she couldn't get her tires fixed ;_;) I got a cool new shirt made out of sweater-like material, and it's black and purple...block stripes. ^^ I also managed to find a spiffy new bathing suit for the and blue with little palm trees on it. I'm so glad I found it. ^^

Carlin made me a really cute new icon. You'll see it when I put it up. Yay, Cloud! *^^* (happy purring sparkles)

All right, waiting to see if Nick's coming on and trying to cool off. I have my window open and my fan blowing on me. Mom's actually letting me leave my window open all night, so that might help get my room cooled off and aired out at least a little bit.

Gonna get this posted now. By the way, anybody still wanna join animecity? We still really need new members. It's open, people...and still small. We need posts!

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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