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Ever had to go through old family things and decide what to keep and what to part with? It's hard, I know. My mom's been forcibly having to do that 'cause of the basement flood. It is absolutely amazing how much stuff our family has saved. O.o

Hey, Carlin? Mom's having some architect person come to the house on Friday, so could we maybe get together after school then? I need to stay out of the way, and the only way to do that is to get out of the house. Maybe we could do some anime watching? It's all up to you...and if you can't, that's alright. Your call, k? No pressure.

We still need more people in animecity. Lately, it's been just me and Carlin posting...her with her story-thing, me with my muse entries. We need some new people to komilla..where are you? We haven't even gotten a hello post from you yet. Did you forget? Catwoman, same with you.

Waiting for Nick to come online. He never did show up last night, and I wasn't very happy about that. He left a message earlier in the afternoon saying he'd continue the story with me later that night, and I waited until about 1:30 and he never showed up. He has a lot of explaining to do...><

Been trying to write lately, but my muses appear to be taking a break. So, I'm chasing them around to get ideas. All I want to do is get stories written, and they aren't cooperating anymore. I used to get ideas by the barrel, and they're skimping. *sigh*

Well, since I have nothing else to do, maybe I'll read through some of my old stories and see if I can add to them. Meanwhile, I'll wait for Nick to come online. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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