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Decent Monday?

Yeah, that's what it was. I took my book quiz in reading (70...worse than my others, but still passing), we had the pizza party, we cleaned out folders and had fun. In gym, we're playing kickball (that game deserves to die a horrible death, I swear >.<) and a bunch of other little random things. I wish we were playing floor hockey or something cool like that.

Well, Sunday was fun 'cause I went to the mall with Carlin and Jeff....and I actually bought something with my own money at Borders. It got us out of our houses for the day, and we got some spiffy new books and stuff. For a more detailed account, go check out Jeff's LJ...he practically did an essay on it. ^^;

Has anybody cared enough to try joining animecity? At least considering it? We have a little story thing going on, courtesy of Carlin and her insane imagination. ^^ We only have 3 members out of a total of 9 that actually care enough to post, so what's up? Come join, anybody? What about my friends? I haven't seen you guys yet, so why not help out? Show us the love? Somebody? Please? ;_;

Well, I'm waiting for Nick to come online so we can continue the story. There are only 2 people left who can defeat the evil forces....but can they do it alone? ^.~

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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