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High School is very weird.....*sigh* was fairy tale and cartoon day, and I saw a lot of familiar characters. Tuxedo Mask was there, but I didn't see Sailor Moon (only Carlin did, so check her LJ), but a lot of others showed up. Like Josie and the Pussycats, the smurfs, the jolly green giant, a few princesses, Tinker Bell, and quite a few others. Too many to mention. *sigh* I guess you are only as young as you feel... even in high school.
Jeff and Carlin went as themselves....if that's logical. I went as a character I came up with playing a character I also made up... confusing, I know, but it works for me. Tomorrow, we have to wear the school colors (red and white) in honor of the seniors. Blah. The seniors are spoiled like babies.
Nothing new...will start posting parts of stories tomorrow maybe. It could take a while, so lay in wait for them. Don't worry, I will start posting soon. It will take a while to decide on a story.
Long day......maybe Carlin, Jeff and I can go to a park tomorrow and have fun. Do a game or something. I uploaded a new pic today...maybe I'll put it up. Carlin has mentioned it, so do pay attention to her warning. 'K? Thank you ^_~
Gotta go to bed or I will not make it through tomorrow and school. I like talking so much...but I can't do it for long. Niters, all.....sleep tight and have dreams.

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