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Giddyness Abounds! ^^

So much stuff has gone on today, and I hope I have room to mention it all. So here goes:

Today was pretty fun. In gym this morning, we used another huge inflatable ball to play volleyball with. This one took about 5 people just to get it up in the air. ^^

After school, Carlin finally sent me the song I've been wanting since I first heard it, and so, as of tonight:

I have a copy of "Love Destiny"! ^^ I first heard that song on an LJ I found at random. When I opened the journal, the song started playing. I've listened to it several times, praying the layout wouldn't change before I got a copy of the song, and my wish came true. ^^ Kudos to Carlin for finding the song and for giving me a copy. She posted the lyrics to it as well (which I saved to my memories ^^).

I got the other Carrie pics, which are now in my download folder with the first one. They're in the same style as my Virgo pics and my original LJ pic. ^^

Carlin and Jeff are gonna come up here on Friday after school, 'cause for some odd reason, Carlin's mom refuses to let us come there. So, she's bringing some CDs and DVDs (anime-related, of course), Jeff's bringing his tape, and I'll host our first real anime party. This should be fun...^.~

All right, rambling over. Rick and his family are leaving this weekend, so I guess I need to say goodbye tomorrow if I see them. *sigh* Anybody agree that life bites sometimes?

I have to finish my stupid English essay, 3 lousy paragraphs, by tomorrow. I did my math during my focus study hall, and I'll do my civics during my study hall tomorrow, first class.

Yes, I did get my hair cut. It's shorter now. ^^

Now, all rambling over, I'm gonna get back to my essay. I'll hope to talk to you all later. By the way...

Anybody notice how a few people on LJ have whole communities devoted to them? People start them up, and they dedicate them to, for example, the one that washu is talking about. How come us other people can't have that? Nidoprincess has one, too. I ask you: does that seem weird? Fair, even?

I'm seriously going now. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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