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Parties and the showcase...*sigh*

Yeah, the showcase is tomorrow night. Carlin said she'd try asking if she could go with me, so I'll have somebody to talk to during my 20-minute shift.

You probably want to know about the party yesterday, right? Well, here we go:

I had to pick up Steph and Carrie and bring them to the party with me. We got there after 9:30, yeah, but we still had fun. We changed roles about 5 times during the course of the party, during the bowling part alone.

It was a little strange, especially on my part. I went from Cye(RW), to Quatre(GW), to Quistis (FFVIII), to Yuffie(FFVII) and then to *Carlin's boyfriend's ancient form*. ^^

I had one hyper character and several quiet ones. I have no idea why they chose me for it, but I do remember bouncing around at the 4th change, asking: "can I be Yuffie? can I be Yuffie?" over and over again. It was so funny. I was able to be hyper and bouncy for a reason.

Around the end of the party, though, a disagreement arose between Steph and me, which was resolved while my mom was pumping gas. Have full-service stations become scarce or something? All she could find were self-service ones. Poor mom.

Well, I'm gonna try to have a make-up party for Jeff and Carlin on Friday, to replace the one we missed before they left. We're gonna watch movies, listen to music, and stuff ourselves with candy until we blow up. ^^ Can you say, "anime movie marathon"? I knew you could. ^.~

All right, 'nough said. I need to head out. Hope you all have a good night. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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