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Doom bunnies....and missing muses...

Well, I'm going down to Carlin's at least until 3:30 or so tomorrow. We can do the movie thing some other time, and we'll just do the music thing. *shrugs* We can do it.

Mike has infected my musespace with doom bunnies, which means I have several freaked out muses hiding in their rooms and 2 chibi muses running around singing the doom song. That, and the chosen one has been in his room for about 4 straight weeks without coming out once. I'm afraid of what might have happened in those 4 weeks...O.o

Well, when I get to school tomorrow, I'll have some makeup work to do. I stayed home 'cause I woke up miserable. Of course, Carrie's probably more miserable than I am. Poor girl.

We got spiffy new garage doors earlier today, and I learned how to work them. Spiff-ness. ^^

All right, seriously going now. By the way, has anybody besides me heard that the code thing might be getting taken away on LJ? My friend Carrie's getting a code from Mike, and I hope she gets in before the codes are abolished.

Am going now, for sure. Niters, all...sleep well and have many many dreams. May your wishes come true...laters, all!

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