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Projects, plays, hyperactive muses, and more...

Wouldn't you know it that Carrie had to tell us that the school play at Fifth St. premiered tonight? That's the reason none of us could go...too short notice. Oh well...maybe Friday. *shrugs*

My project for the school showcase is done. A model loom, made with help from my brother and my mom, completed in one night. Done...on time, too. ^^ *happy sparkles*

Yes, hyperactive muses. I'm getting floods of plotlines and story ideas, and I'm running out of room for them all. I have muses all over the place, all doing various things. I have the "squirtgun squad", the female thieves, and all these little fuzzy plotbunnies running around causing mischief.

At least several of my muses have locked themselves in their rooms (like the chosen one, who still hasn't come out yet) and are tossing plotbunnies out under the door.

I'm currently getting C's in English and science, with a B in algebra. It's not honor roll status, but it's passing, right? I'm not failing anything...I hope. -.-

Anybody want to join animecity? We still need new members. Show us some support and join the community! Please? ;_;

All right, just wanted to do my random babble. Tomorrow's the last day for this week, and then teacher in-service day.

...which means stay home and sleep in and then goof off day for me. ^.~

Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. I'll be around for anybody who wants to talk. Anybody? Oh, well. Laters, all!

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