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Subjects are irrelevent...

Sorry for not posting in a few weeks, but I was kinda preoccupied with other things. Calico is now in the garden under my windows, and I hope he's happy now. The others, Lita and the twins, are still doing the same old things.

Mom is continuing to work on the basement, and I think my allergies have been activated from all the mildew and stuff being uncovered down there. I stayed home today 'cause I felt miserable. That's probably why.

I managed to get my bike out yesterday, and she still works really good. I'm happy. ^^

My english project is due Thursday, and I haven't even started it yet. I need to get to that now, don't I? ^^;

Anybody seen my spiffy wallpaper on my LJ? Carlin made it for me. I feel so loved for the comments they gave me. Plus, now I can look at Cloud all I want. ^^ Ulterior motive? I don't think so. ^.~

I think I'm done. Maria has been visiting my musespace for a couple days, and we're now looking for the chosen one. It's our game, btw...nothing has changed in my real musespace.

Anybody else care to join animecity? We still need new applicants. I'm begging's small and fun. Unlike the other anime-related communities that are huge and full of people, we're small and quiet, with not many people..yet. It might grow, but it can't without more members. Please?

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and no, I'm not gone yet. ^.~ Laters, all!

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