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Water, water everywhere...

...and our basement got flooded with it.

Our sump pump decided to fail today, leaving about 4 feet of water through the entire basement. Luckily, lots of stuff was high up where the water couldn't reach, but lots of Drew's compy-related stuff ended up floating around for a while.

We eventually got a new replacement pump, and got the water drained out (though the carpeting is still pretty squooshy-sounding), but mom needs to have a word(s) with her insurance person. They're calling it, "backed-up water". 'Scuse me?

The pump failed, as in quit working, and that's why the basement flooded. Backed-up water would be if, like, a huge flood came through and then receded or something. *sigh*

All right, all that aside, now for the good news:

Tomorrow night, I'm going to a b-ball game at the Bangor Auditorium with my old friend Amber....and a few of her friends. Lots of fun ahead, I suspect.

Now, the slightly odd news:

My muses have apparently gone insane. I have 4 or so of them toting squirtguns and spraying anything, calling themselves the "squirtgun squad" (go figure); a band of female thieves running around causing mischief; and my chosen one has been locked in his room since Sunday afternoon 'cause somebody talked about him being a plant and now everyone's trying to console him. Maria's even gotten involved.

I think that my "Angel of Dreams" hanging on the wall above my bed might be acting as sugar for them. That may be why they're all hyper.

It's midnight and I still have my math to do. Oh, well...I'll get to it.

My little fish, Calico, isn't doing too well lately. I hope he's alright...;_;

Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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