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Honor Roll.....yet again?

Well, I got my progress report today....all A's and B's...yay! Earlier, Carlin and Jeff and I went up into the water tower here in town. The view was so awesome! We went for ice cream afterwards, since it will be closing for the season soon. I got all my homework done here at home, after being at Carlin's until, I think, 6:30 or so.
Well, it is homecoming week up at the high school, and tomorrow's theme is fairy tales and cartoons. Carlin's going as Cye (I have no clue why, but read her journal and find out) and I still need to come up with an idea by tomorrow morning. Anyone got any ideas? I'd love to hear them.
Btw, I asked a friend of mine if she would like me to post part of one of her stories in my journal. If I do, she doesn't want bad comments, and I don't blame her, really. So, any good comments or ideas, or constructive criticism, is, needed. Don't let her down, all....please?
Anyone notice my pic? That's my character Virgo from Carlin's story. My mom was actually gonna let me put purple in my hair.... but I declined. If only I could do it so I could get it that way... oh, well, I like my hair the way it is. I'm thinking of being Sakura from Cardcaptors for halloween...anyone like? I do look a little like her, and my friend Kelly can do my hair for me... so maybe it could work.
*sigh*, I guess that's it for tonight. Comments wanted on pic....anyone want to throw a little party for blue-boy? I'll bake the cake, all you guys have to do is show up *laughs* no, really, I'll give him your b-day wishes for him. Niters, all....
Um....does anyone know if I could get a set of the Clow cards? That would be really cool for me.....also, I'm thinking of writing a Cardcaptors story....really cool.
'K, this time for sure, niters...otherwise I'll never get to bed! I kept moving around all night last night into early this morning and I felt like I was sleeping on hard ground outside. My matress is so brother had it before me, and that thing is so hard!
*angry growl* I'm never gonna be able to get to bed at this rate...I like talking so much and I just find it hard to stop. Blah, blah, blah, blah...I talk too much.
Niters, all.... sleep well, and have dreams. Not good dreams, not bad dreams, just...dreams. Have dreams.
Have at least a somewhat-good night....

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