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Kaleidoscope (part 2)

Sometimes, it's funny how life turns out. Just when you think everything's turned awful, somehow it eventually works in your favor. Other things, as upsetting as they are, lead to good things soon after. Times change, just as leaves change during the fall...

All right, who let my muses out? That was just not me. Where did that come out? Do we have any old literary bunnies roaming up there? Put the bunnies away, I need to do my homework first. Then we talk, but after my homework, k?

They make their own hours, some of them staying up until early morning, others up around sunrise. Sheesh. -_-;

All this activity, and I still haven't gotten any recent writing done. Anybody actually working up there? Do I have to start putting you on a schedule? ALL of you? I will if I have to, believe me. Now let's get some work done and quit horsing around for no reason.

We still need more people for animecity. Anybody at all wanna join? Please? It's quiet, and still small, unlike the big anime communities that have over 100 or so members. We currently have the OC contest going on, since nobody's objected to it.

Well, nothing new besides that. I'm heading off to do my homework, and then to maybe get some writing done. In the meantime, somebody keep the muse crew in line for me? I don't need peanut-gallery comments while I'm doing my reading. 'K?

Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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