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I slept all day today. Know why? I stayed home in discomfort 'cause of this time of the month.

The subject line is the title of the book I'm reading before bed. I found it downstairs in the basement last night when I went to get the dictionary. I've gotten to the second chapter.

I'm currently talking with Alex in my now almost-empty chatroom on AIM. Maybe his friends will join us, and maybe they'll join the community. We still need more people. The current activity going is the OC contest. The info is posted in animecity, so look there for details. Anybody? Please?

We need some excitement in there. Somebody help to save us from the boredom, please?

All right, I'm gonna go. Tomorrow, I'll post the poem from the beginning of the story. It's quite nice, and very fitting. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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