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Did you miss me? ^^

Yeah, I'm back. Vacation ended too soon, I think...I could've gotten more sleep if it'd lasted longer. Oh well. We're back in school, and there's nothing we can do about it.

We had our first morning pep rally at school today, and it was pretty boring. Funny, but boring.

My English teacher is pregnant. She told us today. ^^

School is fine again, and we just got back today. I'm gonna wear my overalls tomorrow, and the legs on those are so baggy that it's almost unbearable. I can't wear these pants forever, you know. ^.~

I'm listening to my 80's CD on media player, and it's the last song. *wistful sigh* I love so many of these songs, and they were pretty much all picked at random by Scott when he made it. The only track on it that doesn't work is 14, but oh well.

My friends list is trying to expand more. Washu added me back after the comment I left on her entry, and that makes me very happy. *happy sparkles*

Anybody besides me notice that LJ's been acting funny on and off lately? What's that "fatal error" message all about? Why do we get that "timeout rendering page" thing? So many unanswered questions..oy.

Well, just wanted to tell you that I'm still alive, and that we still need more recruits for animecity, so please join! Currently, the idea seems to be the OC (original character) contest that I suggested recently. Help to save us from our impending doom from boredom! ^^;

All right, I'm done. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Oh, and don't worry if I seem kinda low for a few days. It's that time of the month again...grr-ness. Laters, all!

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