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Getting back to routine...well, sort of...

All right, the scheduled Sapphire entries are fini, 16 days as the character, and she has permanent residence in my musespace. Her gang is all there, too. My OC wing has about.... *counting* about 20-somewhat muses currently living there.

...and they're all being rowdy. Like kids. ^^;

There go the squirtguns again. *sigh* What a bunch of crazy kids...and water all over the place. Oh, boy...

We need some more people in animecity. Anybody else wanna join us? Btw, I have yet another new friend. Hi, Mika! ^^

Carlin, Jeff and I went to the mall earlier today. Carlin got her books and a couple magazines, we managed to get food, but we spent a lot of time in the arcade trying to win tickets at the skee-ball machines and stuff. It was cool.

This, of course, started around 10:30 this morning, after me not sleeping all night beforehand. I'm currently chatting with them in my own AIM room I made, and coming up with random things.

Jessie currently has both Carrie and Kelly over. Maybe we can all get together tomorrow and do something fun. I hope we can....big maybe at this point.

I love my spiffy new icon. Do you all like it, too? My old digital camera is going to my Aunt Bonnie, and I can make mini-movies with my new one. Spiffy. ^^

All right, all random talking aside. I'm heading out now, it's after midnight....well, 12:45 now. ^^; Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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