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Operation: Sapphire - Day 14

I had a dream last night. All of us, back at the house, celebrating after a long battle. Opal curled up next to me like he was my little brother, asleep, and Emerald and Garnet spraying each other with water guns. Me laughing, and offering to join in. Us sitting in the common room, drinking soda and sharing stories about the our "equal group".

Hard to believe I've met up with the "equal group" and kinda joined them, isn't it? ^^ Emerald and Garnet would be so jealous. Opal, too. Of course, Opal would just latch on to me in a big hug and never let go if he saw me again. *sigh*

So many loving memories, so much to hold on to, and so little to keep forever. Maybe we'll meet again...someday...

...if only in my dreams...


*blinks* 'k, that was deep. Btw, Carlin guessed right on the game. Way to go, Kit! *showers you with cookies and hugs* So, if any of you know the plot of the game, you should be able to figure out where this fits, 'k? ^^

Project Sapphire, signing off, 11:45 p.m., 02-18-02. Niters, all..sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!


P.S., the last words on that entry are from a reallt good 80's song. Go listen for it! ^.~

P.P.S., I just don't remember the title of the song or the artist, but try listening for it, 'k? ^^;
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