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Operation: Sapphire - Day 2

Day 2 is complete. Plans for weekend pending, and work commencing. My muses have appeared to have been taking a coffee break since this morning, so story production is slow.

Jeff bought his last chocolate CD off of himself and then gave it to me at the end of the day. We got our report cards today, and here are my grades for the first semester:

Reading: A
Civics: B
Health: D+ (blah, bad grade)
Algebra: B
Science: B
English: B-

So, basically, all good except for health. Oh well, I passed and I'm happy. ^^

We played something called "pickle ball" in gym today, and Carlin and I weren't even really keeping score. It was so funny, 'cause I kept diving for the ball and stuff. Those little plastic whiffle balls can bounce a little, but they sure do roll good. ^^

Well, day 3 begins tomorrow. The character is coming along quite well, and I think I'll be able to use her easily later on. I might just start writing different stories sometime soon... ^.~

LJ's being screwy again. Is it just me, or is there something weird going on?

By the way, my mail server's back up! E-mail me, somebody! I'm willing to get some talking done! ^^

Well, I've got homework to finish, so I'll catch you on the flip side, or something. Project Sapphire signing off, 11:43 p.m., 02-06-02. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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