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A word of advice...

When working on a project for school, don't wait until the last minute to finish it or you'll end up being in big trouble.

Yes, I'm continuing to work on my stupid story box. The thing's already overdue, and if I don't get it in soon, it'll be too late. *sigh* >.< Bad me for waiting so long.

Aside from that, my mom is having her ovary looked at to try to get rid of her pain tomorrow, so I get to play nurse and fetch things for her. I'm getting up around 6 to go get breakfast with Drew, then go from there. Luck to all, I guess.

It's snowing again. There's no chance of there being a snow day, so oh well. I stayed home today 'cause I wasn't feeling all together, and to get some more work done. *sigh*

Well, I need to get back to my project, so I'm heading out. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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