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End of 3-day weekend...still bored *sigh*

Um....the title says something, but things have changed a bit. I added a new friend to my list...hi, Jasmine/chosen. I added her as a friend because she's so funny...I found her journal while scanning through random ones. I loved what she had to say and I also noticed the awesome star background. I added her and then saved her original LJ just because...I do that with all my friends.
Yes, I did act a little scary tonight, and I'm sorry if I worried anyone. I don't think I get that way normally, so something must be horribly wrong....better call the others togther..maybe Talpa's back!! *eerie screams* and my big mouth?

btw, some basic info in case anyone wants it...

name: Jillian Leslie Baxter
age: 15
eye color: green
hair color: brown....was thinking of putting purple in it though..
favorite color: blue
special daily ritual: have to wear something blue every day
favorite food: ice cream
favorite flavor of ice cream: mint chocolate chip!

more to come...gotta go to bed or I will fall asleep in class....again..^_~

I'm a bad girl, I know it....^_~... but I'm so cool...

niters, all you people...
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