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"Our day has come!" ^_^

Time to celebrate, everyone! I'd just like to say....

HAPPY 100TH ENTRY TO ME!! *passes out cookies to everybody*

I've officially reached the 100 entries mark. I feel so happy...anybody care to congratulate me? I crave comments...and if I find somebody cool, I might add them to my friends list. If anybody wants to add me, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Go ahead, all! ^_^

Day 3 of midterms went by really well. My final grades for science are as follows:

2nd quarter overall: 88
midterm grade: 92
1st semester average: 89

I passed...with, I think, a B. It's good. ^_^

Tomorrow I take my reading midterm, so I'm gonna come in early if I can, hang out in the cafeteria with a bottle of soda and study.

Hey, guys! It's snowy out! More snow to replace the stuff that melted or got slushy. More snow to play in! Yay!

I have to thank Mike (mig322) for getting me started with this before you needed a code from somebody. *crying happy tears* *hugs trophy for "100 entries"* You love me, you really love me....*crying more happy tears*

'K, all Academy-Award acting aside...

I'm working on my stories when I can, and I did a folder transfer earlier. I put 3 new pics up on my wall (thanks to Carlin for 2 of anime-kitty self and the little puppies...^_^...and Steph, for my Digimon character's cute human guy partner) ^_^

I ended up getting absolutely soaked coming home from school earlier. It took me, like, 10 minutes just to be able to get onto the side of the road, and all the cars were tearing by and hitting puddles and stuff. I wasn't too happy about the rain...(curse you, Jeff)... and I am glad it snowed to make up for it. Snow=good, rain=evil. My ruling. *nods*

Anybody decide to check out animecity yet? It's my friend Mike's community, and we only have 5 members so far. I posted last night (entry #7..^_^) and I hope more people join. At least leave comments, please?

Well, so much for the party. If anybody wants to talk, I'll be online until about 12:30 my time. so, drop me a message. (Speaking of messages, Alex, where have you been? We haven't talked in a while...come join the community if you want! ^_~)

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and come join the party. Laters, all!

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