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Creative overload, part one....

Permit me just a little rant before we get started...

Look, Carrie, Jessie, Steph:

I'm not taking sides in your stupid fight, k? I refuse to get involved and I think you're all just being immature about the whole thing. Aren't we supposed to be teammates? Friends? God, whatever happened to our alliance?

All right, I guess that's done. Jessie's still gonna try to come over tomorrow, so there's still hope. *hope hope hope*

I have about 3 new songs in my head tonight. That's what I get for going over to Rick's again today.

Oh, by the way, I ran into Derek-what's-his-name yesterday, and I wanted to throw him into a snowbank or something. Who died and made him king of the trailer park, huh? What makes him so great?

'K, now the ranting is done for tonight. That aside:

My creative ideas have been floating around my head and my little muses have been trying to act them out. Of course, some of them will try acting out a really dramatic scene and one of them will start laughing or something, the other(s) will start laughing, then it takes about 5 minutes for them to quiet down again. Jeepers.

Of course, we did that in my English class during the whole Romeo and Juliet thing, so I guess it isn't all that bad, right? ^_^

It's been snowing on and off tonight, so we'll have more snow if Jessie still wants to go sledding. If not, we could go over to Rick's and watch his brother play video games or something. All depends on how things work out, I guess.

If I end up alone tomorrow, then I'll go over to his place myself, like normal. I'll be annoyed, sure, but at least I could have some fun, right?

I need to get to bed soon or I'll be too tired to do anything tomorrow anyway. Isn't amazing that my creativity is on overload and yet I can't write anything down?

Niters, all...sleep well and have lots of dreams.

Laters, all!

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