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*sigh* Boring 3-day weekend, part 2

well, I haven't done much, if anything, today. nothing new. I just kinda slept for a while from about 3 to 5:30 this afternoon, watched some movies on tv, and just kinda was bored. I ate a bit, and it was really hot in here. mom had the furnace on, and the windows were closed, so it was like an oven in the house. I felt like I was gonna die....
I need to work on some of my stories...might decide to post them if I become brave enough....don't get your hopes up, all.
hopefully, everyone liked that little anecdote I posted last night. I got a comment or 2 about
I have barely anything to say... I have so many thoughts racing around my head all at once and I'm trying to sort them all out. jeepers, big job. is anyone out there? if you are, my friends Kit and Jeffy need comments. read their journals, please? tell them Virgo sent you...^_~.... they feel unloved right now.
well, I need to do buddy Maria and I are working on her's getting really interesting. if she gives me permission, maybe I'll post it. pay attetion, and it just might show up... maybe...
I'm gonna head off to bed....hopefully I don't have any creepy nightmares....but if I do, it doesn't matter to me.... ^_~..
niters all.....

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