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Beware of rant: Virgo's stress release

For those of you who don't care or don't feel like attitude, just keep scrolling down. I need to get through this, though.

I ended up walking home again, alone, since my normal crew got a ride again. Why is it her mom seems to show up almost every day? What was the excuse this time?

I told Jessie about it, and she agreed that it wasn't fair. God, today wasn't even all that cold, so why bother getting a ride? You have nothing to worry about. You have sidewalks. I have the side of the road and a bunch of cars holding stupid drivers who go flying through clocking high speeds.

To Carrie, who says she'll call me back and then never does:

What is up with you? You need to get your priorities straight, girl, or you're liable to lose a few friends. 'K?

To Kelly, who's just a stuck-up snob anyway:

Look, just because you have new friends and stuff in a new town doesn't mean you can just bail on all of us here. Can we still consider you a friend if you do that? First me, then Jessie, who next? Priorities, girl...priorities.

To those who wonder why I don't trust people much:

I've had my trust earned and broken so many times that it's not funny. If you want my trust, you have to prove that you trust me enough. 'K?

All right, I think that's done. Getting off my soapbox now, and getting to the good news.

Jessie's gonna try to come over Sunday, 'cause her parents aren't gonna be home tomorrow. We'll probably go over to Union St. and go sledding if we can. *^_^* Happy sparkles.

Midterms start Tuesday, and I get to come in late the last 2 days. Hey, Jeff, since you're in my algebra class, I did that equation for the midterm grade, and I only need a 35 or something for B status. ^_^

I opened my own AIM chatroom, and I have Carrie, Carlin and Jeff in it. Carrie is calling for me and I just told her to cool it. Now she's asking for a game. *sigh*

Well, I'm heading out. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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