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I love the 80's! ^_^

I'm sitting here bouncing in my chair 'cause I found an 80's community to watch! I'm also listening to a channel completely devoted to 80's music, and recognizing all these different songs I've heard before. OMG, I love being an 80's girl. 1986, you guys! Love the music! ^_^

'K, I know I'm weird right now, but it's 'cause of all the sugar I had earlier. Plus, Jessie's gonna beg her mom to be able to come over next weekend. Yay, Jess! ^_^

For Carlin and Jeff....we might not get a snow day after all. Have your parental figures watch the news, just in case. Don't get your hopes up, though. weekend. -_-;; I'm gonna die, huh?

I'm sitting at my computer, wearing shorts and a short shirt, listening to 80's music. Is this normal? Plus, I made 3 rolls of cookies earlier today, just for something to do, while wearing my little dark blue apron from my Eastside Bakers activity in 6th grade. Nostalgia sets in, huh?

I still have to work on my stories more. My muses are on a very long coffee break or something.

Jessie is about to do away with Kelly, so watch for the fireworks. This should be interesting. We've just gotten sick of her and her high-and-mighty attitude, so she's gone. At least, that's what I'm hearing and assuming.

Well, I gotta get going. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. I'll keep you all updated, k? By the way, before I go, let me find that link to the 80's community:

Copy-paste in the little window thing, or it won't work. Have fun! Laters, all!

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