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My life- updates: 01-09-02

It's snowing again. I have a quiz or 2 tomorrow, my library books are due in tomorrow, and my family is going out to dinner. Let's start with the beginning, k?

I have to bring in my library books tomorrow. I'm going to renew a couple, then swap the other one for another from my stack. No big deal, really.

Carlin, Jeff and I are planning on roaming around the school again, to look at some things we missed and to see new rooms. It should be fun.

I finished my book in study hall, and I'll take the quiz tomorrow, and the contest ends Friday, for us, at 2.

So, I'm sitting here, no homework for the second night in a row, and typing this. I sat watching an online AIM chat between Carlin, Jeff, and Maria. Carlin invited me in, and I sat watching the chat and didn't say a word. It was kind of boring, though. Oh, well. *shrugs*

Just wanted to update you people. Hugs to all. Niters...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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