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Weekend plans...and Maine snowfalls...*sigh*

I have plans made for Jessie, Carrie and me to get together tomorrow if possible, and I'm looking at the weather and what do I see?

A winter storm watch, in effect, Sunday night into Monday.

My mom and I talked about it, and decided one of 2 things would happen tomorrow. Either I'd meet the girls at the park, as planned, or they'd try and come here. If they come here, then we watch anime videos and stuff ourselves until we couldn't move. Something along those lines.

Until tomorrow morning, I sit here, Carrie sits with Jessie at Jessie's house, and we await tomorrow's weather.

Meanwhile, the reason I haven't posted lately is 'cause I slept in late last night and decided not to, and I just got windows XP in a couple days ago. I'm never gonna get used to it, but I was forced to get it or I'd lose my net abilities. I still have my files and stuff, but Drew needs to re-install my pictures and my dsc software. That's pretty much all I'm waiting on now. Otherwise, everything's here, working, and all set up.

I got my bubbles wallpaper back. Black background, with all the little bubbles all over it. I love that wallpaper. Drew brought it back to make me happy. He started changing it over while I was at school on Friday, and now everything's up and working. I'm still waiting on my camera and pics, though.

Maybe if the girls come over, we can make cookies. I have 3 rolls of that slice-and-bake cookie dough in the fridge, still waiting to be used. I still have leftover cider, too. ^_~

Just wanna say hi to all my buddies out there who didn't get to talk to me last night. I looked through my friends page to catch up with all of you, and I must say, I enjoyed what I saw. Mike, you have a compy, so use it more often. I need more posts from you. Bella, where are you? I haven't gotten a post from you in so-so long.

By the way, hi, Amanda-cuz! ^_~ I'm gonna start calling you that, is that fine with you? Just wondering, k? You can find me here if you wanna talk. Same with you, anybody else out there. All you regestered users are allowed to go and leave comments, you know. I took off anonymous posting 'cause some of those anonymous posters were getting on my nerves. So there.

I'm now listening to my 80's mix CD for the 4th time since I got it. I love 80's music, and I love it so much I got a whole CD of 80's songs. There might be a volume 2 if I get lucky..and if I play my cards right, maybe even I 3rd volume...^_~ *insert innocent look here*

Maria hasn't come back online yet, and we were right in the middle of working on our game, too. *pouts* It was just getting interesting, too. *sigh* If I'm lucky, the mean old internet will let her come back online at least to say niters or something. That'd be nice, you know?

If anyone wants to talk to me, I'll be online for a while. You'll find me on my only AIM name I have, which you will neatly find in my profile. Look for me, k?

It's amazing what this CD helps me get through. I've read through stuff that's been sitting in my room for several months, unread...until now *crafty grin*.

This is gonna be a long entry, just 'cause I feel like making it one. I haven't gotten any comments on my last 2 entries. Where is everybody? Did you all move away and leave me alone or something? ;_; Did I say or do something wrong? I hope I didn't.

I have a motive for this entry, by the way...I'm only on track 3 of this CD and hope to make it until at least track 6. So, don't give me any garbage, k? I've had a rough day....week...month...year, even. So give me a break, k?

Maybe this CD will inspire me to work on cleaning my room. *looks around* Then again, maybe not. ^_^;;

Up to track 4 now. Getting there.

I'm thinking of a sequel for one of my untitled stories already, but one problem...

I haven't even started writing down the first part yet. ^_^;;

This one started from a game of mine, too....actually, it stems from an actual game.

Carlin, what would you think of going to visit the Fifth St. teachers during midterms? We get out at 11:30, so why not have something to eat and then go down and hang around? We'd actually see the teachers we missed the first time, huh? Give me a call or something, k? ^_^

Jeff, it was my idea, so there. No, you can't get credit for it, so don't even try. ^_~

I have an essay to write this weekend, to revise and make into a final draft, then hand in by Tuesday. Does anybody think I can do it? It's 10% of my grade. Not good for me if I don't get it in. Better get to it when I can.

Maria-cuz, where are you? Are you coming back? It's 12:33. That's not too late, is it? I hope not.

Yay, track 6! And...the CD player is saying I need to change my batteries. *sigh* My kingdom for media player ^_^

Well, now's a good time to stop. Niters, all. Sleep well and have dreams..or thoughts..or whatever you have. Laters, all!

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