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"Waiting for a star to fall...."

Hello again, all. More updates into my life, just to keep you posted. By the way, that title is the title of a song on my CD that Scott so lovingly made for me. Big brothers aren't bad at all.

I'm bringing in that CD so my friend Angela can check it out. We got to talking about particular, 80's music..and I figured I'd bring that CD. I also gave Angela my phone number.

I stayed up until 4 this morning, got about an hour and 15 minutes worth of sleep, and went off to school feeling like...well, I don't know what I felt like. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Midterms are in a couple weeks, and we only have to go to school until 11:15 or so. If we don't have a test that day, we get to stay home. I'll be able to go home and sleep... ^_^ can't wait.

I still have to finish my homework. I'll get that done and get to sleep sometime soon.

We're going out to dinner on the 10th. The reading contest ends the 11th. Our class is in 4th place. I doubt we're getting farther than that. Luckily, our sister class, 9-10, is in second place. Hopefully, they can kick 7-8 off their high horse in time.

On my way home, I stopped by the little brook behind our house. It runs along behind the houses on my side of the road, and at the corner, there's a little bridge I use to cross coming home. The water was frozen enough for me to walk on it for a while. Then there got to be too many branches in the way and I ended up going through deep snow. I came home, wet and covered with bits of grass and stuff. Fun, fun.

Well, I gotta get my homework done. Niters, all. Sleep well, and have dreams. Laters, all!

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