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2001-Virgo's year in review

Yes, since 2001 is over, I want to give a little year in review, for you and me both. Some stuff just has to do with me, while others are nation related. Here goes:

In January, our family celebrated the 1st year anniversary after losing my dad. We welcomed in the year 2001 around the world.

In February, my friend Stephenie turned 14. Everything went calm, as far as I know.

In March, on the day of my friend Carrie's b-day, it snows. If not for Carlin and Steph, I wouldn't have gotten there. Also, on the 31st, Drew had his b-day...quietly. No fuss, really.

April was quiet. I don't really know what happened. It was sometime back, and I lost track of what happened.

May...still quiet. Nothing to celebrate anymore, and nothing to comment about.

June: Mom's wedding anniversary on the 5th, her b-day on the 12th, and summer.

In July, I started you, journal, and joined the online people. I had my first entry on the day I started, the 17th, and I've been writing along. ^_^

In August, my brother Scott, who made me a lovingly custom 80's mix CD at 3 in the morning, celebrated his b-day. He's, like, 23 or something and still enjoys cartoons. It's cool ^_^

September was the month that nobody will probably ever forget. I started school on the 5th, and it was all calm until the 11th. The day before my 15th b-day, the world is turned upside down by Bin Laden and his gang of idiots. The rest of the month, to the end of the year, was miserable.

October, the month was quiet. Everyone was still focused on 09-11, even though it had tapered off into old news. In my Civics class, that was the hot topic.

In November, something new happens. Another plane crash. No snow until the 29th. Light flurries, which melts the next day. -_-

Finally, in December, it snows enough to stay. More calmness, but lots of sadness. We ring out the "Year of Sadness" at midnight on the 31st.

Now, the present day, we are still looking for Bin Laden. Is this guy magical or something? How come he can't be found? It's now going on 4 months since we started looking, and we still can't find him. Jeepers.

So now, you have just seen Virgo's year in review for the year 2001. Hopefully, 2002 will be lots better, and we will be able to find that Bin Laden guy and hang him by his hair...if he has any.

Niters, all. Sleep well, have dreams, and a happy new year to all. Laters, all!

~Virgo, 01-02-2002
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