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Happy New Year! Well, sorta.....

Yeah, so it's not yet the new year here, but still, I can say it. My plans never came through. Carrie, I will not forgive you for ruining today, and Steph is in trouble for agreeing to it. Jessie, you're fine. Hope to see you tomorrow, and I hope we can get to Fruit St. for a change.

I've got 2 IMs going, one with Maria-cuz and one with Alex. Oh, boy...I'm not good with it. I'm coping.

You all should've seen me earlier today. I was crying like crazy, but I wasn't really upset. I was more mad. Maybe a bit of both.

In July, 2002, I will celebrate my LJ's first b-day. I'll have to check on the exact date, but I'll find it. I have almost 80 entries. I'm getting up there, really.

Well, I hope you all have a happy new year, and my next post will be in 2002. See you next year! ^_~

Niters, all. Sleep well, have dreams, and enjoy yourselves. Good luck in 2002!! Laters, all!!

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