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blah.....long day

well, it's official. school bites. open house is tomorrow night, and my mom will get to meet my teachers. I'm hoping I'm getting good grades, but don't get your hopes up. *sigh*
on a lighter note, Jeff has an LJ now! so say hi to jeffy boy if you get a chance, k? oh, and Alex IMd me last night! hi!
I have tons of homework tonight, but I'm too lazy to start it yet. so there. lol....just kidding. I'll get to it eventually, but I don't do it until the last minute, so it seems to take longer. I'm such a stubborn person.
I'm currently getting a 97 in algebra....I dunno about the rest, though. I think I'm passing, but we'll have to see...
um.......I'm running out of things already! not good. I'll try to come up with some of my ideas for those who want to read them, but I warn you.....some are very shocking. remember, this is my imagination, and for those who don't know me, it can be dangerous. *laughs* I'm serious, actually. I love singing, too, and find some way to get some songs into my ideas. I usually sing them in my ideas, because I have the voice for them.
it is currently past 9:30, and I have not yet even thought about doing my homework. isn't it amazing that I'm still able to get passing grades? *laughs* I usually wait until my friends log off for the night, then log off myself and get working.
well, just wanted to give you some insight. check out Jeff's journal, and give him some reviews...he'll love you for it *laughs* kidding, but he'll like you a lot, anyway.
nighters, all... ^_^

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