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Plans, stress, and New Year's parties....

Well, we can't do the overnight thing, so we're gonna try a day party. This means that we're gonna get together just for the day and hang out. Mike might meet us at Fruit St., and we can play at the little playground there. I miss that place so much...^_^

I got another new pic from Carlin, but it's not letting me upload it. I know I can have a total of 3, but what about the people who can hold more? I wish I could have more. *sigh*

Oh, Mike just logged back on. I wonder what our plan is gonna be...

I have 3 IMs going at once. I'm surprised I can...oh, Mike just left. Back to 2, then.

I'll come up with a compromise for my pics in a bit. Be on the lookout for yet another new pic. I'll be happy when I get to see my friends again. I hope this works...

Well, I'm gonna head off back to my IMs. Niters, all....sleep well, have dreams, and a happy new year to all. Laters, all!

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