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Plans for party.....oh, boy, this is gonna be interesting....^_^;;

Well, I talked to Steph, and she's gonna try to get the party set up for her house. Of course, she has to get an answer by tomorrow afternoon at latest, so we all can get our stuff ready. We could go to the woods during the day, and then watch some videos, and talk, and maybe do some games. Hence why we chose Steph's: she has a huge basement, her parents are fine, her brother is fine, and she has a lot of cool stuff. Plus, it's actually somewhere where we can all go no problem. No discrimination of any kind. ^_^

If we do get together, I'm gonna bring a big batch of cookies and maybe some cider if I can. Hey, maybe I'll even bring decorations or lights or something. Props, maybe. ^_^

I added 2 more people to my friends list today. I'm not gonna name names, so you know who you are if my name shows up on your list all of a sudden. ^_~ Hi to all of you.

Kit has been going icon-crazy, and I owe her for all my icons. Including my newest one and the one in this entry. ^_^ And, of course, my original pic. Thanks muchness, Kit!

I had a lot of comments to answer earlier, to clean my inbox. It's now gone from 41 items to 26, last time I checked. I'll have to check again. This will be my 74th entry when I get it posted, and I can't wait until I get to 100. I'll have a big LJ entry dedicated to all my special accomplishments, including the 100th entry. Lots of people already have more than, 150 and stuff. I have a lot to do ^_^

Well, I just wanted to say this. I'll write again laters, k?

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