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Stories, stories, and more stories....round 3

Round 3 has started. Maria has asked to see some of my stories, so I have to type them up and send them to her. I'm actually surprised that somebody really wants to see my stuff. *shrugs*

Jessie hasn't called me. She said she'd be too busy to do anything today, but then I hear that Steph's over there. If she's still there, then how am I gonna be able to have Jessie over? Plus, I couldn't even get ahold of Jessie, so how do I know she's even allowed?

This is one reason why I don't invite people over. I never know if they're able to come or not. Plus, she needs a ride, and I don't know how long she could stay anyway. Lots of unanswered questions, Jessie....-_-

I just changed the sheets on my bed, and it is so hot in here that I can barely stand it. Too bad I can't open my window. I wonder if Drew wants to go cruising...^_~

My imagination has been working overtime again. I stayed up half the night again thinking about all of these ideas. Some of them I don't even normally think about; they just popped into my head from somewhere. I have a lot more writing to do now...^_^

I wanna say hi to all the people out there, not just my friends, but to all the people whose LJs I normally visit. Maria, you and Carlin pretty much know most of whom I'm talking about, right? Mike, you too. Hope you get back to posting regularly again soon, now that you have your new compy. See you online!

I'm gonna get going and try to get to bed. First, I have to get cooled off. If I'm gonna have Jessie over, though, I have to do some whirlwind cleaning on my room. *looks around* Um...anyone wanna help me? It's kind of a big job ^_^;

Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. I'll get to a story or bio for you all sometime soon. Laters, all!

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