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For times to come, a weekend outlook on my activities

Yes, you read right. This is for your amusement and as a reminder for me. Jessie is gonna try to come over on Friday (tomorrow) and bring a bunch of stuff with her. We're gonna give my new VCR a test run, just so I figure out how to use the darn thing. That, and so we can catch up on things.

We still are iffy about the impending New Year, and if we're getting together for the party or not.

I'm talking to Alex again. I didn't get to bed until about 4 this morning, and didn't get up until about 4 in the afternoon.

I'm feeling very creative right now. I don't really know why, but I am all of a sudden. Maybe I'll work on a story and eat one of my Aunt Bonnie's family-famous peanut butter bars. ^_^ Those things are so good.

Yeah, I know that you people are probably waiting for me to post that story, but I'm afraid to. Of course, it's not like anybody else reads my journal except for the people on my friends list, but still...I'm very self-conscious about my work.

I think it's snowing again. Yay. ^_^

It's currently 12:36 here. I'm still awake. This isn't right, right? Wait...that didn't sound right. Ugh.

This is what I get for writing this so late.

I have a bunch of little voices in my head telling me to get to work on some of those unfinished stories. Take a listen:

Suzee: So, how many unfinished ones are in that pile?

Sarah: About...*counting* 20. *sigh*

Catalina: About 15 over here.

Sadie: 16 here. Man, this place is full.

And so on and so forth. Yeah, I have a bunch of stories that are unfinished. Those guys are my invisible friends, who I go on adventures with and talk to and sing with. I'm not crazy. Really. I just have a very extended imagination. 'K?

Well, Mike and I are gonna try to get together this weekend and hang out. If not then, we'll try for the day after the day we get back.

I'm gonna head on out. Niters, all....sleep well and have dreams. I might put a new character bio in the next entry if I can, k? Laters, all!

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