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Hi all! Happy holidays! ^_^

Yes, I'm back! My stupid dsl was acting up again so I had to go a few days without going online. It was so not fair!! *begins crying waterfall tears*

All right, I'm done. I now have a very nice VCR in my room so I can watch movies in the safety and comfort of my own room. I also got a stuffed toy white tiger, which I affectionately call "Chibi Blaze". I was hoping to get one, and now I have one of my own. I have a big panda bear with a tiny one, a big box of candy canes, a Holiday Barbie doll, and a few collectables. Also, a couple of really stellar necklaces.

Guess what I named the doll? I named her Relena. ^_^

From Aunt Bonnie, I got a really cool diary with a lock and a neat pen. I also got a few little ornaments, a wooden bookmark, another doll which I named Virgo(^_~), some doll clothes, and a few other little things.

I forgot to mention getting a little aromatherapy basket. That was really surprising.

My mom got her special little unicorns, and her cordial cherries. She also got her first power tool, or so she says. She absolutely loves her gifts, as do the rest of us.

Aunt Bonnie did bring her peanut butter bars, as she does every year, and some other assorted goodies for us. She spoils all of us, really.

I'm trying to carry on a convo with Maria, but she's so quiet. I don't know why. I'm glad to be back online, though.

I'm thinking of inviting Jessie over on Thursday to do a test run of my new VCR, and just to see her in general. Plus, it's easier to do the switch that way. She gets her shirt, I get my pic, and we go home happy. Simple, no?

Mom and I are gonna do some power shopping after today, maybe on the weekend or something. I know that it has to be before New Year's. Oh, and speaking of that....

If Jessie is planning on having a party this year, then it has to be somewhere else or I can't come. Her mom won't let me come to their house for it, which leaves Steph or somewhere else. Carrie's is too small and the cigarette smoke is awful on Steph and Jess; I can't hold it 'cause we don't have room; Jessie could hold it, but then I wouldn't be able to come; which leaves Steph. Her house is big, the basement is perfect for a party, and we are all able to go there.

I'll make some cookies, and bring them to the party so we can share them. Of course, that's if we have the party. Big if.

I'm just talking about random things now, so I'm gonna go. I'll write again soon, and I'll think about posting my story. Niters, all....sleep well, have dreams, and hope your holiday was good. Laters, all!

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